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Three climate technologies every investor should keep in their portfolio

some fields are The climate is changing as fast as technology. In the last five years, it has gone through a radical transformation, flourishing from a niche sector to a wider one, which is full of promising niches. With this diversification comes risk and opportunity.

More options. So, so many options. With the world looking to improve almost every corner of the global economy, there is an endless supply of startups to invest in. There’s no way to make a definitive list, but here are three areas worth a closer look.

advanced rock weathering

With humans on track to blow through a “safe” amount of global warming in less than five years, carbon removal is getting a lot of attention. There are also many ways to do it: from large carbon filters and advanced algae to rocks. Yes, rocks.

Many types of rock naturally draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into a stable mineral. The problem is that this process is happening so slowly that the vast amounts of carbon we pump into the atmosphere are not making any difference.

One of the easiest ways to speed up that process is to expose more rock to the atmosphere by crushing it into pieces and spreading them over a wide area. It may not sound very attractive, but it is for the farmers.

Farmers already spend a lot of money on soil amendments, which include everything from synthetic fertilizers to compost and manure. In some areas with acidic soil, farmers also apply crushed limestone to raise the pH in the area.

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