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How to Make Tissue Paper Birthday Numbers Kids Activities Blog

Celebrate a special day with tissue paper birthday numbers. A tissue paper birthday number is the perfect way to celebrate her birthday. Use the 3D photo-worthy numbers as photo props, on party tables, or as decorations.

A child's hand holding giant handmade tissue paper birthday celebration numbers.
Handmade Tissue Paper Birthday Number Photo Props.

How to make birthday number with tissue paper

Tissue paper birthday numbers are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other important date. Stick them up, hang them from the ceiling, or use removable poster tape to attach them to the wall above the party tables.

Tissue paper birthday numbers are an inexpensive way to celebrate an important occasion for someone you love. All you need is an old cardboard box that you can cut up, a pack of tissue paper (which you probably have from the holidays) and a glue stick.

Items needed to make tissue paper birthday numbers

Note: Our two cardboard pieces measure 21″ by 18″. Our number measured 16″ high when using the method below.

  • cardboard box
  • tissue paper
  • Scissor
  • glue stick
  • printer and paper
  • Mark
  • hot glue
  • stick

Instructions for Tissue Paper Birthday Numbers

step 1

Screenshot of a large number being created as an image in PicMonkey.
Use a service like PicMonkey to create your 8.5″ x 11″ number.

Using your computer, create a number that will fit on an 8.5 x 11″ piece of paper. I recommend using a service like PicMonkey or Canva to do this because you can try out different fonts. You can see from the image above that I have used PicMonkey and the font I have used is called ‘Impact’. Save your number as jpg image.

step 2

Large paper numbers taped together on top of cardboard boxes to make tissue paper birthday numbers.
Cut out large numbers on the cardboard to use as templates.

You will need to print your number as large as you can fit on your cardboard. Our numbers are 16″ high. Follow this format to print your numbers on multiple pages.

  • Open Paint on your computer
  • open image
  • Click ‘Print’ and then ‘Page Setup’
  • Adjust the ‘Fit To’ section from 1 to 1. I made mine 2 by 2, but you can make these numbers even bigger if you want bigger numbers. Change the paper orientation to ‘Portrait’. Print your pages – Our images are printed on 4 pages.

Cut out pieces for your numbers and tape them together. You will use this as a template on your cardboard.

step 3

A large number are being made from old cardboard boxes.
Cut out the numbers from the pieces of cardboard.

Trace your number onto the cardboard with a marker. Cut out your cardboard number.

step 4

Cardboard numbers with tissue paper for birthday celebrations.
Glue a tissue paper fringe to the cardboard numbers.

Cut strips of tissue paper and then cut fringing into them (see image above). Glue strips of tissue paper to the cardboard starting at the bottom of each number and working your way up.

step 5

Hands holding large birthday party numbers made of cardboard and tissue paper.
Tissue Paper Birthday Celebration Photo Prop No.

Attach a stick to the bottom of their number if you plan to capture the birthday boy or girl for a photo. If not, they can be attached to the wall using removable poster tape.


These carboard cutouts are perfect, but you can use the same method to make cardboard letters. However, we always used them to make a huge number.

Worried about showing off Cardboard? Spray paint the cardboard first.

prep time
10 minutes

active time
1 Hour

total time
1 Hour 10 minutes



  • cardboard box

  • tissue paper

  • Scissor

  • glue stick

  • printer and paper

  • Mark

  • hot glue

  • stick


  1. Print a number from your computer. You can print it as large as you want by printing it on multiple pages.
  2. Cut out the number, use tape to stick the pieces together, and then trace around it onto the cardboard.
  3. Cut strips of tissue paper in your child’s favorite colors, and then cut a fringe down the bottom of each strip. Attach it to the cardboard number using a glue stick. Work from bottom to top of the number.
  4. Hot glue a stick to the bottom of the tissue paper number.

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Do you have any special event that you will be celebrating soon? Let us know if you make these decorations.

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