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Greasy shares her favorite Colombian slang

Greasy chatted with Billboard about some of his favorite Colombian slang.

Yo soy greece and estas sun de mis palabras o fresas favoritas de me pes. O una pelabra que me encantada que esquiche por macho tiempo machissimo, que s zaperoko, “se armo el zaperoko.” But for me, the sea is of no real importance, but my burning is so important that it is far away from Alberotto. I love “Que Chimba”, much more than Medellin, which is great now. And Cali, “Kwe Chimba” values ​​as cruel, unrelenting, very cool. What more? Ah bino, en cali decimos macho “mira ve” pa’ tudo. O sea, Mira vi significa todo. Yes. “Mira ve, te voy a contar un chisme que l’otro dia me entre.” Todo es Mira Way. I think I have three favorite phrases.

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