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Maria Becer = RRA shares her favorite Argentine slang

Maria Becerra chats with Billboard about some of her favorite Argentinian slang.

Maria Becerra:
Hola, soy maria becerra and misspelled phrases of Argentina’s favorite words. Hi una que creo que dice “El burro no gana por londo, sino por insistencia.” This is an important point. After asking a person about a hegemonika or estilo there is nothing to be said for the same as with behavior. Finally, this happened in Argentina. I enter “chanta”, la palabra “garca”. Chanta es como alguen que chantagea macho, alguen que habla macho, que mient. La palabra garca es alguén que te garca, que te caiga, digamos, as a persona deshonesta. Bueno, and Argentina’s favorite phrases are remembered.

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