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Belly Breathing for Kids and Meditation Tips from Sesame Street

Belly breathing is a great life skill for children to master. Being able to calm yourself down is an important technique that we don’t often talk about…especially with kids. These belly breathing steps from Elmo and the Monster Meditation work for kids of all ages, even young children. Learning belly breathing and basic meditation would be an excellent addition to practicing at home or in the classroom.

Rosita will teach us how to be cool the fun and easy way!

Calming exercises and activities that children can do

Kids have all kinds of big feelings. They may feel sad, nervous, or hopeless, to name just a few feelings. And they may have trouble calming down. Sesame Street to the rescue, once again!

Through videos with some of our favorite Sesame Street characters, the Muppets are here to offer up some pretty cool kid-appropriate calming techniques.

calming techniques for babies

Rosita knows what the kids are up to right now – because she’s also disappointed when she can’t go to the park with Elmo! To help calm her down, she practices ‘belly breathing’.

Belly Breathing Technique for Children with Rosita

In the Sesame Street video she teaches kids how to stay calm by focusing on their breath through belly breathing. She encourages children to put their hands on their stomachs, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Watch the video to see Rosita doing belly breathing

Steps for belly breathing for babies

  1. put your hands on yourself Abdomen,
  2. a lo deep breath through your nose.
  3. slowly exhale through mouth…and it’s good to make a little noise!
  4. Repeat

When I showed the video to my kids, they copied every step of the belly breathing technique.

They loved watching one of their favorite Sesame Street characters teach them how to catch their breath and calm down.

And I know we’ll be using this ‘belly breathing’ technique in the future! (This calming technique with Rosita originally aired on CNN and during a Sesame Street town hall).

Sesame Street also launched a series of ‘Monster Meditations’ in partnership with Headspace to help people practice mindfulness and meditation.

By featuring our favorite cute monsters from Sesame Street, they are able to teach little ones how to meditate in a kid-friendly and accessible way. This meditation is a good one when you are waiting for something to keep anxious feelings under control.

The first video was with Cookie Monster who, let’s be honest, can get super excited when he knows he’s going to get some cookies!

To help calm him down, he does a monster meditation focused on using his senses.

But what happens when he uses his senses to smell the cookies in the oven? He gets excited again!

To help her relax, he does what Rosita does: belly breathing,

Steps to the ‘I Sense’ Monster Meditation

It’s a game of Eye Spy but with our 5 senses.


  1. Begin with belly breaths – see instructions above – to start the game with focus.
  2. can you do some spying sense of smell,
  3. With that smell in your nose, can you take some spying with you? sense of touch,
  4. With that {softness/other} on your mind, can you do some espionage your eyes,
  5. focusing on {what you saw}, can you do some espionage with your sense of hearing,
  6. Focusing on {what you heard} can you do some spying on your own? sense of taste,
  7. Repeat or play once!

Belly breathing is a really wonderful technique to help babies slow down and calm down. And as you can see in the two examples above, it can be done anywhere for a variety of reasons!

Some more calming ideas from the Kids Activities Blog

In addition to these great cool techniques for kids, Sesame Street has recently created a wealth of new resources that kids are going to love. There are virtual play dates with Elmo, snack chats with Cookie Monster, and phone calls with their favorite Sesame Street Muppets.

Bonus: You can also read 100 Sesame Street books for free!

Will you be trying Rosita’s Belly Breathing or Monster Meditation techniques with your kids?

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