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Moneybags yo delay ‘Hard to Love’ album to avoid Taylor Swift – Billboard

You can read the writing on the moneybag or wall. and read on Thursday night (May 25) Midnight’s (Till Dawn Version)Which, of course, is the name of the second deluxe edition of Taylor Swift’s 10th album, which debuted last night.

So earlier this month the rapper resolved to give up his new hard to love Also at the mixtape last night, the admitted Swiftie had a change of heart at the last minute and decided to give it another week to breathe to avoid being Swift yo-ted. In a video posted to his social media on Thursday night, Yo sat in his custom red Ferrari and lit one up while singing along to Swift’s song “Lover,” singing lyrics about leaving the Christmas lights on until January. As he was in the crowded Eras tour stop.

“I just got the news that my little baby boy Taylor fell tonight,” said the bugged man. “I ain’t gonna lie, you know how I feel about Taylor, so I guess I’m gonna push hard to love back in a few days. You gotta be patient with me, man.”

He then continued singing and roared off screen, saying he was happy to have Swift in the limelight. hard to love Now it will be closed on 2nd June. New mixtape is the follow-up to the acclaimed 2021 pain of a gangsta The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Moneybags had good reason to be apart for a week, as Swift’s latest deluxe edition remix of “Karma” featuring Ice Spice would be flooding the area, alongside her Lana Del Rey collab “Snow on the Beach.” A different take on and previously unheard track “You’re Losing Me.”

Watch Moneybag’s announcement below.

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