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Britney Spears celebrates reunion with mom Lynn – Billboard

Britney Spears celebrated a reunion with her mother Lynne on Thursday in an Instagram post that indicated their long estrangement has come to an end. Spears wrote in the update, “My dear mother showed up at my door yesterday after 3 years…it’s been such a long time…with family there are always things that need to be worked on…but Time heals all wounds!!!” A pink tutu was accompanied by an adorable image of the singer as a child in a ballerina dress.

“And after being able to communicate what I’ve held back for so long, I feel so lucky that we were able to try to fix things!!! I can’t tell you.” Much love!!!,” Spears added. And, Britney reportedly seems to be over the tight restrictions during her 13 years in custody, saying she was “so lucky we can have coffee together after 14 years!!!” Let’s go shopping later!!!”

Britney was placed in restrictive conservatorship in 2008 amid a mental health crisis and after it was terminated in November 2021, she lashed out at both her parents over the legal system, including her father and lawyer’s professional and personal lives. were deciding the structure of Shortly before a judge dissolved the conservatorship — which was overseen by estranged father, Jamie Spears — Britney posted, and then deleted, an Instagram message that took her mom to task.

“Pssss my dad must have started guardianship 13 years ago…but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea!!!!” Britney claimed at the time. “I’ll never get those years back.”

Then, last October, Britney eased up again in a post in which she wrote that she, “had to see doctors weekly to bring up my past, which made it worse. My brothers, sisters, To my entire family including cousins, aunts, uncles, and well the entire audience… either got their asses kicked or got drunk.

“I was the mother f***ing saint who was afraid to move or know if I didn’t cooperate my dad would put me somewhere… even in America, free 🇺🇸 Land!!!!,” she added. “Years go by and he still keeps me in a psych ward!!!! Not a single mother stood up for me.” The post came weeks after Britney said she was “traumatized” by the abuse. She said she experienced during the conservatory, which led Lynn to issue a public apology and plead with her daughter to “please unblock” so they could “speak in person.”

At the time, Spears wasn’t having it, she replied, “Mom take your apologies and go fk yourself!!!”

See Brittany’s reconciliation post below.

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