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Twitch is raising the price of Turbo, its monthly subscription that removes ads

Twitch is raising the monthly price of Twitch Turbo, its monthly subscription that lets you pay to remove most ads in the US and several countries, gives you extra emoticons and more. In the US, it’s jumping from $8.99 to $11.99, and you can see prices for other countries in a support article on Twitch’s website. There are no feature changes with the price change.

Users were notified of the price change in an email sent on Thursday. Existing customers will have their existing rates locked in for three additional months, and will have the option to switch to the new prices. “If you do not renew within the next three months, your Turbo subscription will stop renewing on August 31, although your benefits may increase in September, depending on your sub-renewal date,” Twitch wrote in the email. Is.

many are not happy with the increase

Many customers are not happy with the price hike. A thread on the r/Twitch subreddit is already full of complaints, and some users outside the US are seeing significant price jumps. i see some sad posts too But Twitter – although some have resigned continue Pay,

The price hike comes after Twitch got a new CEO and cut jobs amid widespread layoffs at Amazon, and it looks like Twitch sees an opportunity to make more money by making Turbo more expensive. While Twitch didn’t introduce new features on Thursday, it looks like Turbo will be improved in the future. “There are more updates on the way to make Turbo even better and more relevant to our community, and we can’t wait to share them in the coming months,” Twitch wrote.

For some, the cost of the turbo has come down. If you live somewhere where this is the case, you will need to cancel your subscription and re-subscribe to take advantage of the lower price, Twitch wrote in the email.

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