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Non-Asian Kung-Fu Generation ‘Beautiful Stars’ Video: Watch – Billboard

Japanese artist set to release his second album titled NON pursue on June 28, and has been teasing details leading up to the release. The actress and singer announced that she is collaborating with Asian Kung-Fu Generation on the track titled “Beautiful Stars” on the much-anticipated set.

Presented by NON and the J-pop rock band, the new track is an upbeat power pop number with an empowering message for all women, written by the band’s frontman Masafumi Goto and produced by Yosuke Inoue (Turntable Films) and AKFG Has been done

“‘Beautiful Stars’ is a song full of strength that makes you smile and feel like you’ve overcome everything and make you feel like you’re invincible,” says Noon. “I can’t wait for everyone to hear it and sing it. I want you to feel that you are invincible when it comes to this.

The accompanying music video was released on Thursday (25 May). Directed by Atsunori Toishi, the video showcases the chemistry between the 29-year-old artist and the veteran four-man band, both sonically and visually.

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