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Lovely words that start with the letter L

Let’s have some fun with the L words today! Words starting with the letter L are cute and adorable. We have a list of L letter words, animals that start with L, L coloring pages, places that start with the letter L, and L letter foods. These L words for kids are perfect for use at home or in the classroom as part of learning the alphabet.

What are the words that start with L? Lion

l word for kids

If you’re looking for words starting with L for kindergarten or preschool, you’ve come to the right place! Letter of the Day activities and alphabet letter lesson plans have never been easier or more fun.

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  • l is for loveA strong affection and positive feeling towards someone or something.
  • L is for laughmeans to laugh because of happiness or joy.
  • l is for learnis a process or the acquisition of a new skill or knowledge.

There are an infinite number of ways for the letter L to spark more ideas for educational opportunities. If you’re looking for value words that start with L, check out this list from Personal DevelopmentFit.

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Animals that start with the letter L - Lion - Kids Activities Blog - Lion walks outside in tall grass with green trees
Lion starts with L!

Animals that start with the letter L:

There are many animals that start with the letter L. When you look at animals that start with the letter L, you’ll find awesome animals that start with the sound of L! I think you will agree when you read these fun facts about animals with the letter L.

1. Llama is an animal that starts with L

The llama is a South American member of the Camelidae family. It is a relative of the camel and looks very similar to it except that it does not have a hump. The domestication of llamas began about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Llamas do not have hooves like sheep. It has two toes on each foot and a leathery, soft pad on the bottom. Llamas are very alert animals so they make good guard animals. Llamas do not bite but they do spit when angry or provoked. They mostly spit at each other, but they have been known to occasionally spit at humans as well. Their wool is soft, light, water-repellent, and free of lanolin, a fatty substance found on sheep’s wool.

You can read more about L Animal, Llama, on NH PBS

2. Ring tailed lemur is an animal that starts with L

Ring-tailed lemurs are probably the most famous of all the different types of lemurs because King Julien from the Madagascar movies is one of them. They spend more than a third of their time on land, more than any other lemur species. Most like to sunbathe in the morning to warm themselves. Ring tailed lemurs mostly eat fruits and leaves. He is very fond of the leaves of the tamarind tree. When it is available, half of what they eat will be tamarind leaves. The food they eat varies from other lemurs because of the amount of time they spend on the ground. They will eat bark, earth, small insects and spiders. Sometimes they have even been seen eating spider webs! Total!

You can read more about the L animal, the ring-tailed lemur, on Foley Farms

3. Leopard is an animal that starts with L

Most leopards are light in color and have dark spots on their fur. These spots are called “rosettes” because of their rose-like shape. There are also black leopards, whose spots are difficult to see because their fur is so dark. They live in Sub-Saharan Africa, Northeast Africa, Central Asia, India and China. These big cats have a varied diet and enjoy a wide variety of food. They eat insects, fish, antelope, monkeys, rodents, deer… in fact, almost any prey that is available! Nocturnal animals, leopards are active at night when they go out in search of food. They mostly spend their days resting, hiding in trees or hiding in caves.

You can read more about the L animal, the leopard, at National Geographic

4. Lionfish is an animal that starts with L

Lionfish are famous for their beautifully colored bodies, which are covered in red, white, orange, black, or brown stripes (depending on the species). The stripes are arranged in a zebra-like pattern. Due to its distinctive appearance, it is also known as dragon fish, scorpion fish, tiger fish and turkey fish. The lionfish’s large mouth allows it to swallow prey in one go. It eats a variety of fish and crustaceans. Despite having more than thirteen (up to 18) venomous spines in the back of the body, venom is used only for self-defense. When properly cooked, lionfish are eaten as a delicacy in some countries.

You can read more about the L animal, the Lionfish, on Soft Schools

5. Lobster is an animal that starts with L

Lobsters are one of the most popular crustaceans. They have a hard protective exoskeleton and no spine. Even though the Northwest Atlantic is famous for being home to American lobsters, you can find them in all oceans. Lobsters are omnivores and are capable of eating anything that lays on their claws, whether living or dead. But they like to eat fresh food. Like humans, these crustaceans are both left-handed and right-handed. Depending on the position of the claw of the crusher on the left or right side of the lobster’s body, you determine whether it is left-handed or right-handed. Lobsters are basically immortal! They’ll just keep growing forever until something ends their life. Lobsters don’t have brains.

You can read more about History at L’Animal, Lobster

Check out these amazing coloring sheets for each animal!

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l is for lion coloring pages

L is for Lion Coloring Pages - Printed PDF File of Lion Zentangle
L is for lion coloring pages.

Here at Kids Activities Blog we love lions and have lots of fun lion coloring pages and lion printables that can be used when celebrating the letter L:

Child playing on a map of the United States - Kids Activities Blog - Child on a scooter rolling on a map of the United States painted on the sidewalk
What places can we visit that start with L?

Places starting with the letter L:

Ahead are some of the beautiful places to visit in our list of words starting with the letter L.

1. L is for Las Vegas, Nevada

Some call it the city of lights! It is the largest city in the Mojave Desert. An internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment and nightlife. It is the major financial, commercial and cultural center of Nevada. Las Vegas was first settled in 1905. Most of the landscape is rocky and arid with desert vegetation and wildlife. It can be subjected to torrential flash floods, although little has been done to reduce the effects of flash floods through improved drainage systems. There is an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, with long, very hot summers, and warm transitional seasons. and short, mild to cold winters.

2. L is for London, England

The Romans first settled in London around 2,000 years ago. The London Zoo was open to scientists to conduct research into animals and animal behavior, which meant that regular people were not allowed inside. Although one of the busiest cities in the world and home to over 8 million people, London also falls under the United Nations’ definition of a forest. This is because as well as a lot of people, there are also a lot of trees in London. About a fifth of this is woodland, and 40% is public green space such as parks and gardens. London was the first city to reach a population of one million in 1811.

3. L is for Lebanon

Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East bordering Syria and Israel. People first built villages in Lebanon 7,000 years ago. Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate. Because of this, summers are hot and dry, while winters are cold and rainy. The country has mountains, hills, coastal plains and deserts. Lebanese culture reflects the heritage of various civilizations spanning thousands of years.

Potato and Apple Lattes with Cheese on Top - Kids Activities Blog - Lattes Begin at L
Hangs start with L!

Food starting with the letter L:

L is for hang.

there’s a lot to be said about you latkes, It’s fried, it’s crispy, it’s greasy, it’s savory… You can make latkes with potatoes, although other vegetables are also sometimes used, though less frequently. Potato remains the most popular variety of latke. A fun version of the standard latke is apple potato latke! Be sure to check out our recipe!


Lemon starts with L! Lemon is a citrus fruit, yellow, sour and delicious. Great for Vitamin C. You know what you use lemons for? lemonade!


Lollipop also starts with L. Lollipops are a type of candy and a sweet treat for anyone. You can even make your own lollipops.

More words that start with letters

More Letter L Words and Resources for Learning the Alphabet

Can you think of more examples of words starting with the letter L? Share some of your favorites below!

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