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J-Hope shares military update with new uniform photos – Billboard

J-Hope gave fans a fun military update on Tuesday night (May 23) when he shared a photo of himself in his uniform on his Instagram Stories.

In the photo, the 29-year-old BTS star is seen flashing a slight smile while saluting the camera. See the photo before it disappears here.

On Weaver, J-Hope shared two more photos and a message for fans sompy, “Army!! I’ve been through [the basic training] Well. The letters and support you have sent me have been very helpful and thanks to this I was able to perform at my best during training,” he wrote. “I will also do my best for the rest of my military service period and show you my good side! I love you!! Cellphone is tempting… hahaha.

J-Hope’s enlistment in the military on April 18 makes him the second BTS member to complete the 18-month South Korean mandatory military service after Jin, who began his requirement last year. The remaining BTS members will also have to complete their service in the next few years.

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View the latest videos, charts and news

In a video shared last month on the K-pop group’s BANGTANTV, Suga, RM, Jung Kook, Jimin and V all arrive at the drop-off location to see the rapper off. After taking several photos with his fellow BTS members, J-Hope sent a final message to the BTS ARMY: “Yeah, ARMY, I’m leaving now. I am fulfilling my duty as a capable Korean man. I will definitely return safe and better than before and then I will greet you. fighting! I love you.”

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