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How to ask for increment using ChatGPT

It is very shameful to demand a salary hike.

Striking the balance of not looking like you’re begging for an Oliver Twist More While not appearing in demand, is no easy feat.

Now throw economic uncertainty into the mix, and employees are treading lightly not to ruffle any feathers and put themselves at risk of being laid off.

Negotiating your salary has never been more difficult, yet more important as the cost of living rises.

Enter chatgpt.

Moritz Kremb, a product manager who helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence with his newsletter, The Prompt Warrior, says employees can use the big language model as their own salary negotiation coach. .

Here are his three steps to using ChatGPT to get your next pay raise.

1. Enter the following prompt

Kramb advised Twitter When correcting your job title in Employee ChatPT, enter the following prompt word for word:

I want to practice how to negotiate a higher salary. You will be my conversation teacher.

– My current role is: (enter your current job title here)

– You will simulate a detailed scenario in which I have to engage in conversation.

– You will play the role of manager, I will play the role of employee.

– You will ask for my feedback at each stage of the scenario and wait until it is received.

– After receiving my response, you will give me the details of what the other party does and says.

– You must grade my response (A to F) and give me detailed feedback on what I can do better using the science of conversation.

You’ll give me a difficult scenario if I do well, and an easy one if I fail.

2. Answer as you would in real life

When Luck With the role set as Reporter entered at Crumb’s prompt, ChatGPT begins by setting the scene:

“You are a reporter working for a media company, and you have been in your current role for two years. You believe that you have gained valuable experience and contributed significantly to the company’s success. You have requested a raise in your salary. Have decided to ask.

After that it took on the role of my manager.

That’s where Kramb advises people to “respond like you would in real life” and get feedback from the OpenAI platform on how well your response is.

Luck Tried to plead with ChatGPT that “since the cost of living is going up, my salary doesn’t go up as much as it used to” which he graded liberally B with constructive criticism.

“You missed an opportunity to emphasize your specific contributions and accomplishments in your role as a reporter that could have further strengthened your position,” it suggested before continuing the role-play on how to respond.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

The more details you give to ChatGPT, the more detailed the chat with your imaginary manager will be.

Meanwhile the better your response, the more ChatGPT will challenge you and give you a tough scenario to really test your skills.

“Keep practicing until you feel confident holding a conversation in real life,” Kremb said.

When Luck Tested the tool, it didn’t always provide feedback (but a simple prompt like, “You forgot to rank my feedback” fixed it. Also, if you don’t like the feedback it throws out , then hitting regenerate will give you new ways to respawn.

But if you don’t want to practice the art of conversing with bots, here’s the advice the experts first gave you: Luck Take the help of a friend or mentor to build your confidence. Here are four more tips for how to nail down a pay raise.

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