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Discord gets custom Stream Deck hardware and a big plug-in upgrade

Elgato has been significantly improving its Discord plug-in for its Stream Decks and releasing custom Discord-branded hardware. The Discord plug-in on Stream Decks is now integrated with Discord’s new Soundboard and includes notification support for messages, improved volume controls and more.

The soundboard integration works much the same way that Voicemod can display a literal soundboard on your stream deck. You can assign sounds to buttons and even search for sounds you’ve set. Naturally, you’ll need to be a Discord Nitro subscriber in order to use the soundboard feature.

You can now use a button on the Stream Deck device to select the audio input or output on your PC, making it easy to switch between headphones and speakers. Elgato has also added a notification action that will show how many messages are waiting for you on the Stream Deck button.

New discord-branded hardware.
Image: Controversy

If you’re used to messing with your friends’ audio volume because they’re either too loud or their microphone is just plain bad, Stream Deck now has user volume control actions. You can also tap a button or turn a dial on the Stream Deck Plus device to change the audio. There’s also a new action on the Stream Deck button to show server statistics, including new message count, recently active users, or online users. Finally, you can also toggle between push-to-talk or voice activity mode using the single Stream Deck button.

While the plug-in is a great upgrade for Stream Deck and Discord users, Elgato is also releasing a Disc-branded Stream Deck and a Wave:3 microphone that’s also branded with the Discord logo and colors. The Wumpus Microphone and Wumpus Stream Deck both cost $150 and are available as a limited edition.

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