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Microsoft’s Surface Pro X cameras have stopped working for everyone

Surface Pro X owners are reporting that their devices’ cameras have stopped working this week. Reddit users and posters in Microsoft’s support forums say that the cameras on their Surface Pro X models stopped working yesterday and that reinstalling the drivers hasn’t fixed the problem.

ledge Confirmed camera issue on Surface Pro X units, Windows displays “0xA00F4271” when you try to use the camera app (0x80004005)” throws the error.

Camera error on Surface Pro X devices.
Screenshot by Tom Warren / The Verge

The Surface Pro X is Microsoft’s flagship Arm-powered tablet, designed to push Windows towards phone-like battery life and app support. It is not immediately clear what caused these camera issues, but there is a workaround that suggests the problem may be related to an expired security certificate in Windows.

Surface Pro X owners have noticed that they can push their date back as far as May 22nd, and the camera is working again. The workaround may be effective, but rolling back a system date may cause issues with authentication for some websites and services, so it’s only a temporary fix until Microsoft addresses the root cause.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for comment on the situation, and we’ll update you accordingly.

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