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Here are five things you didn’t know about Goyo

Goyo told five such things about him that you did not know.

¡Hola, mi jente! So goyo la pantera y estas sun cinco casas que no sebien de me. Primera cosa que no sabias de me: bueno, amo las pastas, me encantada la comida italiana. Nadi Se Espera Eso De Me, Pero Me Gusta Tu Do Lo Italiano, Hasta Mario Bros. I know how I’m happy: there’s a group in Chocquibtown, but I’m producing an album, producing an album, I’m working with La Pantera’s Mundo, I’m a combo, much love Am. Because I Have Everything: Goyo and Estar in Chocquibtown, It’s a Group directed by Sidestepper, Directed by Richard Blair, A Producer English and I Buy Through 25 Pennies for a Mundo, and more Festivals, Rapando and Cantando Canelos. And really I don’t like everything, it’s for the very exercises that the collegium is equipped with, and even today I’m in a cancha on Miami Beach.

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