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Assassin’s Creed Mirage due out this fall

assassin’s creed mirage The 12th will hit storefronts later this year. Although the date was officially announced during today’s PlayStation Showcase, it apparently leaked prematurely. Japanese retailers began listing the game with a launch date of 12 October. According to A tweet from GematsuJapanese retailers do not use placeholder dates in game listings, only showing the date when it is official.

assassin’s creed mirage It will feature Basim ibn Ishaq, who has a side character assassin’s creed wahalla, and take place in ninth century Baghdad. The game was first announced during the Ubisoft Forward presentation last year as a part of a bunch of many upcoming Assassins Creed games, including one for mobile.

According to Ubisoft, mirage will pull away from the convoluted RPG-like format of the previous handful Assassins Creed game in favor of a more focused action-adventure genre. Basim will have the tools of the fan-favorite assassin, including the finger-slicing Hidden Blade, as well as new skills like the ability to pole vault.

“For the 15th anniversary of the brand, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to take the game back to our roots in terms of gameplay, visuals and stories,” Ubisoft’s director of global communications, Maite Heitt, wrote in the blog announcement. mirage,

The trailer will remind players of the past Assassins Creed, with Basim stabbing attackers from the rooftops of a huge desert city. Persian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo – who plays my favorite character in the science-fiction series Spread – reprises his role as Basim’s mentor and guide Master Roshan.

assassin’s creed mirage Launches October 12 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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