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5 Reasons Online Collaborations Can Help You Beat Out The Competition

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The saying that two heads are better than one can apply to many things including blogging.

I collaborate with my brother on five websites, which makes me uniquely qualified to explain the benefits of online collaboration.

Here are 5 reasons why collaborating with a partner can help you beat the competition.

1. there is more variety in your writing, Single-author blogs will always be based on one author’s point of view, with the exception of guest posts. Having a partner writing posts with you ensures that your blog will always be full of variety and fresh ideas.

2. proofread each other’s posts, Spelling and grammar mistakes happen even in the most popular blogs. Having a partner ensures that you always have someone to proofread your writing. Your partner may also tell you that your writing is not clear and should flow as well.

3. make a good product amazing, If I show the “final product” to my partner, he can take a look and give me some additional ideas and tweaks that can make what I’ve written even more powerful. This process has helped my brother and I take comic pieces from funny to downright hilarious (at least to us).

4. Combine your skill sets to create kick-ass new websites, The site I recently launched with my brother is a funny online comic called Spicy Tornado. I draw comics and my brother colors them. Sharing the duty of creating each comic doesn’t make any of us feel overwhelmed by it. The combination of our unique skill sets in the creation of each comic makes for a finished product of the highest quality.

5. Significantly Increase Your Ability to Promote, Without promotion your site will go nowhere no matter how quality it is. Doubling your potential for boost multiplies your chances of gaining momentum. For example, your partner can maintain your site while you do guest post campaigns. Plus, you now have two Twitter accounts instead of just one and double the connections with people who can connect with and promote you.

The Downside Of Collaborating With Online Ventures

The two biggest downfalls are that you must split the profits and find someone you can fully trust.

There’s no doubt that collaborating isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and there’s risk involved.

However, I would argue that considering the sheer competition out there, the upside to collaborating with a partner with online ventures is the downside.

How do you feel about collaborating with online enterprises?

5 reasons online collaboration can help you beat the photo competition

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Daniel Scocco is a programmer and entrepreneur based in São Paulo, Brazil. His first company, Online Profits, built and managed websites in various sectors. His other company, Kubik, specializes in developing mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

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