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Former Apple engineer’s Mimstream app is a nifty Gmail client for Mac

Former Apple engineer Neil Jhaveri is working on an email app for Mac called Mimestream. It is now out of beta after a long testing phase of over two years. The app uses Gmail’s API – and that’s why it’s only compatible with Gmail at the moment.

Jhaveri, who was at Apple for more than seven years, previously worked on the Mail app for iPad and the first Notes app for macOS. Later, he managed teams working on Apple’s Mail app. He left the company in 2017 and founded Mimestream in 2019. Jhaveri said the company is still bootstrapped with five people working on the app. He mentioned that over 167,000 people have used the app in beta.

Due to their familiarity with Apple’s Mail app, many of Mimstream’s design elements look like the default app on the Mac, such as the use of blue dots to indicate unread email, a three-column layout, and location in the top bar. Action Button.

As a native app, Mimestream integrates well with the rest of the operating system. It supports trackpad gestures, dark theme, email profiles to be linked with focus filters, and keyboard shortcuts.

The app uses the Gmail API, which means it can easily import things like signatures, server-side filters, templates, labels, and vacation responses. The app also supports Gmail aliases, mentions, code blocks, markdown replacement, undo send and send and archive capabilities. This integration means that the Mimestream experience is closer to that of Gmail’s website.

Image Credits: mimestream

With the new launch, Mimestream will also support profiles like “Work” and “Personal” so you can separate different accounts. You can also assign different colors to accounts to differentiate between emails in the unified view. Also, you can set a notification schedule so that you are not bothered by unnecessary notifications.

The app also has a menu bar addition – when you click on the menu bar icon, you can quickly check any unread messages without opening the app.

Image Credits: mimestream

You can use mimestream for free with a 14-day trial. After that, you’ll need to pay either $4.99/month or $49.99/year. However, the startup is offering an annual plan at a discounted launch price of $29.99 for the first year until June 9th. Mimstream is going up against other email clients like Boxee, Edison Mail and Google’s former executive app Shortwave. It relies on a simple and familiar interface for Mac users and tight integration with Gmail to stand out from the competition.

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