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Chrome makes it easier to customize the appearance of your browser

Google Chrome is rolling out a new update that makes it easier to customize and personalize the look of your browser, the company announced on Tuesday. For years, Chrome has had a “Customize Chrome” option at the bottom right of your screen, and now the company is introducing a new side panel to make the customization process easier.

Now, a new side panel will open with the available customization features. In this new panel, you can experiment with different features and easily see how they will appear on your new tab page as you make changes. Google says that the new side panel remembers your customization edits.

new chrome customization

Image Credits: Google

Chrome has hundreds of images in various categories that you can browse through from the side panel by clicking “Change theme”. You can choose from categories such as “landscape” or “sea view”. If you’re having trouble choosing just one image, you can choose a rotating background by clicking on any theme collection and turning on the “Refresh daily” toggle. Or, if you use profiles to keep your work and personal accounts separate, you can give each profile a different background and color to differentiate between them.

Also, you can customize your theme with different colors. You can start by choosing a theme and watch your browser adjust to match its color. You have the option of selecting a different option on the overview page if you don’t like the one you selected.

Although browser customization isn’t new, the new update makes it easy to change the look of your browser. The new update is available as part of the latest update for Chrome on desktop.

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