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The wildest Tears of the Kingdom builds we’ve seen

Here are some of our favorites.

This is by far the most American event in Hyrule. That “lucky son” going on in this video is icing on the cake.

Yes! have real hulls tears of the kingdom that you can attach sails to craft a proper ship. There’s also Link’s blue lobster shirt in the game if you really want to get yours wind Waker But.

I can’t figure out how this guy dropped the robot from the main vehicle, and it’s keeping me awake at night.

I love this Hinox shredder because it is so easy to make yourself.

i have to include at least one wholesome The use of the terrifying and terrifying powers of Link. one of the little things i appreciate tears of the kingdom is that when you use your powers around normal people, they are very correctly, Go to hell, Even Steward Creation, who must have seen King Rauru use these same powers, says “Your actions are threatening, I must protect myself,” whenever Link busts out Ultrahand. If so, before entering their shells. Correctly judged by everyone in Hyrule based on how good he looks, how cute he plays with the kids, or how he meddles in local elections, Link is a walking weapon of mass destruction and must be protected at all times. should be done.

What is shocking to me here is not the torture prison but the sheer cost of building something like this. Every single one of those bright green things cost zonite to make – they ain’t cheap, and zonite isn’t very plentiful – collecting the amount needed to make this kind of thing would have required serious time digging in the depths Is. Such dedication is more impressive than the number of Geneva Convention violations on display. These fan-made breaches have also brought attention to just how bizarre Nintendo’s Talus-battlers were. tears’ promotional material. Link’s on his pathetic little machine, and he only has two cannons? no bombs? No flamethrower? Lol, lmao.

One thing to note about the sheer cost of building some of these machines is that players have already found several item duplication glitches. So if you want to go to the shit with crafting, you don’t have to sacrifice precious zonal charges or machines or complete John Wick in the Depths to get the ingredients you need. An item duplication glitch works by quickly swapping out the items connected by the link’s arrows, but it’s slow and very convoluted. Another recently discovered method is much simpler, requiring only a small height from which to paraglide, the item you want to replicate in the last spot in your inventory, and one additional item.

The latest update hasn’t fixed these flaws, so it’s time to cheat as many diamonds as you can – Hyrule’s expensive, and Link’s work as a freelance journalist doesn’t pay much.

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