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How to Make a Mood Board (And Actually Use It This Time!) – Edit Anna

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They say you are what you eat and if that’s true I’m a NYC-Based Fashion Stylist Allison Bornstein, because when I tell you that I have cut the contents of it. i’ve seen every one of them Youtube video and i am his paid subscriber IG, Like next level obsessive, I highly recommend you do this if you’re struggling style-wise, because it’s basically a masterclass in how to get the most out of your wardrobe and actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning. I get into a bit of a rush reaching for the same things every morning – sometimes my days are filled with soft play and being a personal chef to a little human being and a really Instagram-worthy outfit for it Not required – but since watching her videos I have to say I have worn some absolutely cracking outfits for soft play. and you know what? I feel Wonderful For this.

First step for me, (besides watching Allison’s videos), had to do a little wardrobe spring clean. It was not a major fall by any means, but a sort-of through; A chance to reorganize and make sure everything in my wardrobe is ready to perform as well as it should functionally – check it out video here, The biggest one was that I had a huge pile to replace my seamstress with. There were so many trousers I didn’t wear because they were dragging on the floor and in fact doing so I had like five extra pair of trousers in my rotation.

Next – mood boarding. I’ve made boards before, but this time I feel like I’ve really honed my skills and made boards that have become a part of my daily routine. Here’s how I did it…

Start with a topic. I realized I really only have two ways when I’m getting ready in the morning – a ‘casual’ one when I’m working from home, or a day out with the boys. It’s simple, I want to be comfortable and I don’t need any element of my outfit to be particularly elevated. The other is ‘polished’ this is my meeting/filming/event mode. I’m definitely in this mode a lot less, but when I’m in it I want to feel a little more casual and a little more formal. Having these two themes in mind before I started searching for images meant I was able to categorize them easily into one of my two possible mood boards – I knew what I was looking for.

Screen-grab everything. before i used pinterest As my primary image search source and at this point it was also my most used tool. Although I screen-grabbed anything and everything, regardless of who Instagram Or TIC Toc, pinterest Sometimes you can feed the same image 1890 times, so it was good to eat a little more of the well-rounded image diet this time around.

It doesn’t need to be pretty. I previously thought that mood boarding had to be picture perfect – like a magazine page. And FAB if you have the skills for it. Go for it. Although this time I didn’t get hung up on looking a certain way. I was more interested in the outfit formula itself, so I wasn’t too bothered if the image was a screen-grab TIC Toc with text on the screen. It was better to put the image in there with the text, not at all. Motivational? Yes, but best? No,

Put it to good use. Might be a good idea to print it? Or maybe save it as your phone’s background? I’ve favorited my mood boards so they’re easy to find on my phone, and I’ve added them to my ‘Style’ page perception Very. Once I did this I had my tryout session which you will see in Sunday’s video. trying things on, taking pictures, adding outfit formulas Where? And usually just a grand ol’ time. It really helped me to use this inspiration instead of it being a fun activity but ultimately going to waste.

So here are the boards – ‘informal‘ And ‘polish, I thought I’d put them here so you can save them to whatever device you want, make them your screensaver, edit them yourself – do as you please!



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