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Nomad Stand One review: a fancy $110 MagSafe charger for your iPhone

Nomad has a new MagSafe charger for those who don’t mind splurging for aesthetics. The Stand One Charger is an upright magnetic iPhone stand with True 15W MagSafe charging. But unlike its $149.95 base One Max, which also houses an Apple Watch, the $109.95 Stand One, now available in black or silver, just charges your phone, though it looks handsome while doing so.

MagSafe is MagSafe, and aside from holding your iPhone upright at a good 21-degree angle, the Stand One doesn’t do much more than the $40 Apple MagSafe Puck or Belkin’s $60. (like those two chargers, it’s at least Real Like most MagSafes, there is no MagSafe and Qi charger in the magnetic ring-Friendly Chargers.)

There’s nothing wrong with spending more money on something that looks and feels good, but for $110, all you really need is its 1.35 pounds of lovely glass and CNC-machined aluminum.

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I agree that cheap charging pucks don’t hold your iPhone upright on your desk or table at a good 21 degree angle, but you know what does? a handful of other official MagSafe chargers that Too Charge your Apple Watch and AirPods for just $40 more. Or for just $20 more on the Nomad Stand One, you can get a MagSafe power bank that acts as a stand and also holds 10,000mAh of battery power.

The difference between those and the Stand One is that Anker’s 3-in-1 Cube, Belkin’s 3-in-1 BoostCharge Pro, and Mophie’s Powerstation Wireless Stand with MagSafe don’t look quite as sleek, and they’re quite Not built to the same hardcore level as the Nomad.

Would you rather spend $110 on a stand that only charges your phone, $130 on a battery, or $150 on a tiny box or fancy tree that also charges your earbuds and Apple Watch?

The Stand One isn’t Nomad’s first upright MagSafe charging stand. It also sells the slightly less elegant $59.95 MagSafe Mount Stand for the Apple MagSafe Puck. The new Stand One ships seamlessly with the MagSafe Puck, though it still requires you to provide your own 30W USB-C power adapter. When you consider that Apple’s MagSafe charger typically costs $40, you begin to understand the price delta between the Nomad’s two stands. And a big advantage of the Stand One is its two-meter/6.6-foot non-detachable USB-C cable, which is twice as long as the Apple Puck designed for the old MagSafe Mount Stand.

I like the length of the Stand One’s nylon-braided USB-C cable, but I wish it wasn’t permanently attached.

But comparing the Nomad’s own existing and new stands in a vacuum, there are many options hovering around this price. As much as I admire the Stand One’s build and finish, after testing it in person, I can’t help but look at it and feel that Apple’s $129 MagSafe Duo charger is a better value — and mine There’s a part that hates that floppy, overpriced thing. I’d usually recommend other chargers over the Duo, but compared to the Stand One it starts to make sense.

The new Nomad certainly has a handsome fit and finish like the larger Nomad base One Max. Its heavy weight keeps it firmly planted so you can wiggle your phone with one hand, and it holds it securely in landscape orientation for video watching. I just can’t help wishing that the flat section of its inside badass had a secondary Qi pad for charging a pair of earbuds – or just something else, Anything otherwise.

Just tilt your phone slightly and it pops up right away without having to move the stand around.

A 3-in-1 charger with official MagSafe support goes for $150, so proper MagSafe is an expensive affair in the world of charging accessories. I just struggle with why would you opt for a one-in-one Instead of spending a few extra jackson chargers with a bit more versatility. Most people can do better for the money. But if the look of the Stand One intrigues you and you’re obsessed with the all-caps aesthetic or you’re building a desk setup TikTok, well, flex on.

Antonio G. Photography by Di Benedetto / The Verge

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